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Photo credit: Kim Morton

Photo credit: Kim Morton

This weekend is your final chance in 2017 to acquire some Bramosia Chocolates. This weekend will be full and busy so please come as early as you can to avoid missing out. Look forward to seeing you this weekend and if not, in the new year. Happy Christmas!

Only one day left of the three-day weekend at Dickens. Do try to come early-ish this year. Tickets are starting to sell out for some days. For now, this is the only time and place to purchase Bramosia Chocolates.

We know you are thinking about us all through the year. We can’t wait to see your smiling face.


Somehow it happened. Another year has come and gone and it is Dickens season once again! Come play with us and get a taste of “the finest chocolate in all of [our] London”. Surprising as it is, weekend #1 has already happened! So no time to wait come and visit and get your chocolate earlier rather than later.

Thank you all for another spectacular year of chocolate at Dickens Christmas Fair.   Was great to see you all.

One final weekend of Dickens Christmas Fair 2016. This Saturday and Sunday will bring Dickens Fair to a close for this year. Please come visit us one more time this year. Hope to see you there.

 Laurie Tavan Photographer: Tavan photography

Laurie Tavan Photographer: Tavan photography


Second weekend is now complete. We had better than expected sales and sold out of nearly all items before the weekened was over.  The lesson here is come visit us as early as possible to ensure you get the items you have been craving all year long.

This weekend is third weekend. If you haven’t had a chance to make it out to The Dickens Fair yet this year, you really should. New shows, new crafters, and plenty of chocolatey goodness to go around!

See you in London.


We had a great first weekned at Dickens Christmas Fair. We got the Christmas season off to a wonderful start. We have two new people helping at the Chocolate Booth: Melly and Matthew. We appreciate the help.

Now for a quiz. What flavor of truffle is this??



Opening weekend of Dickens Fair is fast upon us and we are in full production to make sure we have enough of everything. If you would like to place an order for outside of Fair for local pickup or to be shipped, send us a message here and we’ll set you up. Otherwise, see you at the Fair this weekend!

One more weekend to get Bramosia Chocolates in 2015! Come visit us at Dickens Fair Decemeber 19th and 20th. One final weekend to see us, to get toffee, rocky road, girl fudge and boy fudge, whole cream caramels, hot buttered rum mix, dalecks, and tardises, lemon truffles, chili truffles, and peanut butter cups and much more. Please remember to get to fair early and make us your first stop not your last else you may be dissapointed. This weekend is historically our busiest ever and this year has been our best year so far so we will, if history is any indicator, be very busy.

We love seeing your bright and shiny faces so if you haven’t come yet please do, if you have already this year we’d love to see you again.

Lastly, our Kickstarter Campaign is still on. Please donate to it if you would like to help us get closer to moving into our new location in Oakland, CA that much quicker. Thank you and see you soon.

Bramosia at Dickens Fair

Happy Christmas! It is that magical time of year and we will once again be at The Dickens Christmas Fair. Come join us weekends from November 21st through December 20th at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.

Something new starting today is a truly momentous occasion. We are starting a Kickstarter Campaign. Our goal is to build a permanent kitchen. We have a vast array of pledge levels with rich rewards to match each. Please consider helping us out.

Thank you

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