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Monthly Archives: December 2014

We now have a signed contract to buy and the sellers bank has signed off on the sale. All we’re waiting for now is final approval from our credit union that they are going to fund us. Keep your fingers crossed!

We just put an offer in on a building in Oakland. If accepted, we will be opening a store front in 2015! You will finally be able to get our wonderful chocolates you crave year round. Having a store front will also allow us to expand our product line. Not only will we have all the favorites that you have come to love, the Rocky Road, the fudge, the lemon truffles to name a few, we have all sorts of ideas of wonderful treat that in the past, we just didn’t have the time or space to make.

We will also have for your gastronomical pleasure true Milanies style Gelato as the owner learned to make from scratch, (not from a mix), while in Milan, Italy. Pair that with coffee and espresso drinks and you can see we will have the trifecta of goodness.


We are committed to basing our business on making great chocolate and such for the masses. There are plenty of chocolate companies out there trying to capture the high end market with fancy packaging and pretty chocolates. We would rather spend the money on great ingredients and just make great tasting goodies, even if they don’t look as slick or have the polished packaging. That way we can keep our prices down.


So, how can you be involved? Well, we have enough funds to buy the building, and we already own about 75% of the equipment we need to operate, but we are short on funds to build the kitchen out. Once we have a signed contract to buy the property we will be launching a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for this. We will be offering some great incentives to entice you into helping fund us. For starters, on the lower end of involvement, you will get twice your pledge in store credit. For the mid range pledges you will get some store credit, and a store discount for a length of time, the higher the pledge, the higher the store discount and longer it’s duration. For the angel pledgers that really want to help us out, we are thinking about inviting you and a group of your friends into our kitchen that you have helped fund, to teach you  how to make  fine chocolates. We’re thinking of making this a fun party atmosphere with wine and hors d’oeuvres and such.


We’re still working out the details, but we really want to make it worth your while to get involved.

Keep an eye to this page, when we know we have the building we will announce the campaign here.

We now return you to your previously scheduled program.