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At this time we can only be found at craft fairs and on line. We are working on opening up a retail location in the Oakland, CA area soon and will update this site with our progress. In the mean time we will do special orders by mail so feel free to contact us.

Currently, we are to be found at Dickens Christmas Fair.

All of our truffles begin with a ganache center made from 72% dark chocolate and heavy cream. Next, some ganache centers are infused with natural ingredients to achieve additional flavors. The ganache is formed into individual portions then enrobed in more dark chocolate, 61% this time. We use dark chocolate for our truffles because with less sugar, the true flavor of the ingredients is allowed to come through without an overly sweet taste.

We have chosen some traditional flavors that are often associated with chocolate as well as some innovative combinations that we hope will become favorites.

Peet’s Major Dickason’s blend triple brewed is used for our coffee Truffles.

French Raspberries in a reduced puree give a burst of flavor to our raspberry truffles.

Our Cardamom truffles are infused with fresh ground Cardamom for a taste reminiscient of Chai Tea.

While our ever popular Classic Truffle is just dark chocolate and heavy cream centers rolled in un-sweetened cocoa powder.

We also make Fudge, Caramel and Toffee. Our Fudge is a wonderful, creamy dark chocolate fudge, made with a combination of a 62% Chocolate and a 99% Chocolate liquor to give our fudge an unusually rich flavor.

Our English Toffee, made with fresh creamery butter and topped with 62% dark Chocolate. This is a delightfully crisp toffee with a great buttery taste.

Our Caramel is a Whole Cream Caramel, made with fresh heavy cream, sugar, butter and vanilla. We cook it softer then your typical store bought caramel which gives it a great mouth feel not to mention the amazing flavor.

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