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One final weekend of Dickens Christmas Fair 2016. This Saturday and Sunday will bring Dickens Fair to a close for this year. Please come visit us one more time this year. Hope to see you there.

 Laurie Tavan Photographer: Tavan photography

Laurie Tavan Photographer: Tavan photography


We had a great first weekned at Dickens Christmas Fair. We got the Christmas season off to a wonderful start. We have two new people helping at the Chocolate Booth: Melly and Matthew. We appreciate the help.

Now for a quiz. What flavor of truffle is this??



We are now at Dickens Fair Weekends until Christmas. Come and join us! In the meantime here are some photos from our booth there.

Truffles 1

Truffles 2


Truffles 4


Truffles 5

TARDISes & Daleks

Rocky Road